“I really do admire what you are doing for these children. Organizations such as these are so important for our youth and I am PROUD to a part of your movement.” — Ronald Muhammad

Programs & Community Outreach

Aspirations of Life’s programs are designed to provide intervention and prevention services to youth. Our programs empower youth and their family to live healthy and productive lives.

D.I.V.A Female Mentoring Program
D.I.V.A (Distinguished~ Intelligent~ Valued~ Articulate) is a girls mentoring program that provides services for girls ages 10-17 years of age.


S.W.A.G Male Mentoring Program
S.W.A.G (Successful~ Wise~ Accountable~ Gifted)  is a program that provides services to young men ages 10-17 years of age.


Both programs are tools that will ultimately help form strong and responsible leaders of tomorrow. They provide support in the areas of behavior, values, confidence, academics, teamwork, self- esteem, conflict resolution, healthy relationship building, careers, money management and intern opportunities. These programs have proven to increase and build self- confidence, resilience, and promote behaviors that help youth to rise beyond present circumstances to reach their full potential.

Individualized Mentoring and Tutoring Program- This program matches youth with an adult mentor/tutor.  The mentor/tutor meets with their client at minimum once per week.  Youth participate in individual as well as group sessions.  Overall outcomes include decrease in at-risk behaviors, increases in academic progress, and improved peer and adult relationships.

Summer Camp- The focus of the Summer Camps is to engage individuals ages 5-12 through educational and recreational activities throughout the summer months. The program supports positive youth development and teaches leadership skills. Health and wellness activities are an integral part of summer programming; healthy eating is demonstrated through planned nutritional snacks and lunch distribution.

adult_literacyLiteracy ProgramGirls Books and Beyond (GBB) is designed to encourage girls to read regularly. The program inspires children to become life-long readers. It provides intervention that result in long-term literacy achievement. The ultimate goal is to increase fluency rates, deepen comprehension of informational content, and increase precision in sentence writing.

Get Fit Stay Healthy (GFSH)-The program helps to provide health awareness, and prevention information that will help to prolong and enhance the quality of lives. It will also help limit childhood obesity and increase awareness to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke among other chronic illnesses as youth become adults.

Road to College-  is a college preparation program for high school students. The program is engineered to equip them with the skills and education needed to obtain access to college. Students who participate in the program will gain skills to increase independence and life skills needed to become successful in college and throughout their lives. Students engage in workshops; cultural outing and college visits. The overall goal of this program is to train youth in areas of leadership, accountability, social skills, and to provide opportunities for students to access college.

Furniture Bank Referring Agency- Assist families that are in need of furniture and household items. Gently used furniture, clothing and household items are provided to low income families struggling at the poverty level who are experiencing extreme circumstances such as;  fires, floods, job loss, domestic violence relocation and veterans suffering from war trauma by providing them with the items they cannot afford to purchase. Children who sleep in warm beds and have appropriate clothing and shoes perform better socially and academically.

 Community Outreach- The intent of community outreach initiatives is to support the community. Each initiative is designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low- income families, or those dealing with extreme circumstances. Listed are some of our upcoming initiatives:

  • Holiday Helping Hands- Provides support to families who reside in South suburban communities. Each family receives a hot meal, household and hygiene care packages, warm winter items, and gifts for children 0-13 years old.
  • This initiative is inspired by the vision and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to bring peace and resolution to race and social injustice. Fulling the Promise provides a platform for people to address issues that affect their communities, to increase racial and cultural understanding and to promote unity among all people.

Family Support Services:

  • Case Management- Advocates to provide options and services to meet individual and family needs.
  • Housing- Assists families to find affordable housing
  • Toxicology Site- to help eliminate the barriers that separate family re-unification by offering a  convenient location that serves families in need of mandatory DCFS toxicology testing.