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Stop The Violence…#DoitFortheChi


stop killing chi

Although the violence  in Chicago surprisingly is not as high as last year; our gun violence is still very alarming. We want to blame the media for the constant reminder, but the fact still remains–it is happening.  Gun violence has affected over 45 people in the last 3 weekends in April. Most recently, a 14 year old girl was in juvenile court to be charged with first-degree murder of another 14 year old girl over a boy on an alleged confrontation that started on Facebook. Over 50 people under the age of 16 have been shot in Chicago this year! Reports say this should have merely been a “fist-fight” which turned into a gun fight when the accused girl had someone fix the gun which reportedly wasn’t working.  Additionally, Easter weekend five children were walking home from the park and were shot. Lastly, anti-violence worker, 32-year-old Leonore Draper, who was active in working to end violence on Chicago’s south side was caught in a gang cross fire was killed after leaving a fundraiser for non violence.

As an organization dedicated to the well being of children in south side neighborhoods such as Roseland and many others; Chicago we must take a stand to: Stop the violence. We hope that by promoting #DoitFortheChi, this small phrase and hashtag we will alert parents, students, and members of the community to work on a solution. #DoitFortheChi, because bullets don’t have a name! #DoitForTheChi because we have teenagers that are killing one another! #DoitForTheChi because we can’t be scared to hold these people accountable for killing our family! #DoitForTheChi because how can our children be successful if they are focusing on dodging bullets as they walk home from school? #DoitForTheChi because we want our children, cousins, nieces, and siblings to be the next CEO of major corporations!


When will we stand up for our city?  Where others use to know us for our food, Oprah, weather, our traditions, and amazing downtown! Tall building, bright lights that’s my Chicago! #DoitForTheChi where this is enough talent to stop the violence. Join us in our protest to #DoitForTheChi, by educating your friends and family on being aware of your surroundings, picking your battles, and reporting gang related or suspicious activities. It isn’t about being a snitch it is about being safe! Be careful who you argue with you never know what someone can do or has for you.  Stand strong to these bullies but be careful! Keep speaking and writing your local political officials to change laws on child curfew, gun laws, or whatever it takes to end the violence in our city! Stop the Violence… #DoitForTheChi.

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