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Women’s History Month- No One Ever Slows Her Agenda

Today Aspirations of Life highlights…

Entrepreneurial Journalist, Rhonesha Byng

Rhonesha Byng 23, a graduate of DePauw University is Loyal to her Dreams in New York City!  Although she is 23, Byng first recognized her passion for journalism since the age of 16: “I realized I could actually make a living being curious, asking questions and being the first to write about something.  As I got more experience in journalism I had the desire to create a magazine, but of course I did not have the funds for something like that so I started a website. “ Since graduating, Rhonesha decided it was time to turn it up a notch and venture into the entrepreneurial world [That is awesome!] She currently runs her own website and company entitled: HerAgenda. Additionally, she creatively used her name “NESHA” and turned it into her organization’s mantra: N.E.S.H.A. No One Ever Slows Her Agenda. Her ultimate goal is to drill in the idea that no one can stop any woman from doing whatever is on her agenda!  She describes her website as a “hub” for the millennial woman, a place for positive resources. HerAgenda, highlights women in a positive light; the website is to empower women in different careers as well as give valuable information on upcoming events and job opportunities that may be beneficial to women.

In the spirit of our 2013 mantra, Loyal To Your Dreams, Rhonesha states that she is 100% focused on and growing her brand: “It’s not glamorous, it’s a lot of grit and a lot of work and I also have to motivate myself most of the time to do the work but I believe it will be worth it in the end.” One of Rhonesha’s biggest accomplishments is her website! She has increased her team and has watched her business grow. She believes her website is growing just as she wanted it to and is becoming the voice of the modern day business woman regardless of what her agenda may be. In lieu of HerAgenda growing, she is currently looking for event representatives in the Chicago land area. If you are interested or know someone that may appreciate the opportunity, please express interest via email at:

Her ultimate role model like many of us here at Aspirations of Life, is Oprah [We love her]; however, she has become so inspired by Lola Ogunnaike . Lola is a freelance writer that is extremely diverse in her career; she can interview ANYONE from our First Lady, Michelle Obama or any of the latest hip hop artist making dashing headlines. Although her and Lola Ogunnaike have only met a few times, Byng aspires to be just as versatile in her career.





On behalf of Aspirations of Life, we would like to congratulate you on your success thus far. We think it is important for young ladies to know that it is never to early to begin thinking about their future. Your dedication to your passion of journalism is very impressive and becoming a business woman as well makes you one of a kind.






Because of Her Loyalty to Her Dreams N.E.S.H.A. …NO ONE EVER SLOWS HER AGENDA


For any additional information of HerAgenda, please visit and check out her salute to iconic women in history



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